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Consider ordering a BUBBLE (shuttle service) to get around Tel Aviv :,7340,L-3760520,00.html

How to get from the airport to Tel Aviv

Taxis (32 € at day, 37 € at night)

Train (

There are 4 train stations in Tel Aviv:

Tel Aviv University – North city

Tel Aviv Savidor Center – center of city

Tel Aviv Hashalom – center of city (about 1.2 km away from the Congress)

Tel Aviv Hahagana – South city

Shuttle – located between the central long-term car park, and Terminal 3.


How to get to the Congress in Tel Aviv


         The Cameri Theatre

         Sderot Sha'ul HaMelech 19, Tel Aviv-Yafo


         Bus: lines 70 ,82 ,38 ,142 ,9


On Saturday (Shabbat) there are no buses. You can get there by taxi, by bike or by foot.

Taking the bus in Tel Aviv

While traveling in Tel Aviv, you cannot pay for your ticket in the bus.

You must buy in advance a special card called: “Anonymous Rav-Kav.”

You can buy this card at:

1. The Ben Gurion airport – Terminal 3, Arrivals Hall, near exit gate number 2.  Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday 07:00-23:00, Friday 07:00-15:00.

2. The Hashalom Train Station – "Rakevet Hashalom" (The train station nearest to the Congress). Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday 07:00-19:00.

For further information go to this site:

This site can be useful as well:

Renting a bike in Tel Aviv

Mobike and Tel-o-Fun can be easily found on Google and they have apps.

For bike rental in Tel Aviv:

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