“We Come Back from Session to Session because It Pushes"

“We Come Back from Session to Session because It Pushes"
René Raggenbass

For more than a decade, he jumped into his vehicle in the nightime and into the early morning eating up 600 km of road every Friday to get to and from sessions at his analyst.

That was it! Something pushed him to go, without asking any questions, in this place which materialized not only the radical difference but also – above all – the presence of the analyst put into action.

It was neither the transference nor the interpretations that supported these comings and goings, but the discovery of an incarnated presence at the same time as the re-finding of a place empty of meaning that the analysand had to make ethical use of.

One day, during a session, he was astonished by the “urgent” character (he systematically passed the speed limit) of his displacements. They were beyond any critical analysis, calculated thoughts, or other conscious intentions. He had to go; he could not say more. Today, he thinks he remembers that the analyst responded to him by ending the session.

Translation: Raphael Montague