Be sure you are seated at 10:50 am on Saturday so you don’t miss the performance by Wisam Gibran… and at 8:50 am on Sunday, too!

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Mrs Barbara Wolffer, the Director of the Institut Français d’Israel, will welcome us in her amphitheater in Tel Aviv the day before the Congress, on May 31st from 3 to 5 pm. We will take part in an exchange between the filmmaker Nurith Aviv, Éric Laurent and Perla Miglin under the title, “Urgent Tel Aviv in the Films of Nurith Aviv." We will have the pleasure of welcoming Angelina Harari, President of the WAP. 

Please note: By private invitation only - this event is not open to the public.


It’s time to order your LUNCHBOX!

 On Saturday at the Congress, we will have only 1 hour for lunch – no time for finding a restaurant! So a LUNCHBOX will be available so you can eat lunch with your friends on the premises.

 Here’s how:

1. Buy your LUNCHBOX TICKET online here for only 10 euros.

2. Take your LUNCHBOX TICKET to the Congress on Saturday morning and you will be given a choice of large sandwiches or a variety of salads:

The sandwiches: a choice of cheese, tuna salad, antipasti, or avocado, all with fresh vegetables and a drink.

The salads: a choice of Pasta salad with roasted vegetables and fresh lettuce, Greek salad with vegetables, feta cheese and olives, or Quinoa salad with lettuce, nuts and cranberries, all accompanied with a roll and a drink.

Eva Van Rumst